Real WoMen Don’t Teach

The gendered hetero-norms of my childhood society dictated that women should behave as budding maternals, and men as bread winners. However, my 21st century reality, and that of the many women who support me in my life, has us as the bread winners, while the men struggle to find their solid path.

These reversed roles send our egos, on both sides of the sexual spectrum, into spirals. While dejected men fight against their inculcated expectations from bygone upbringings, we women continue our climb toward financial independence.

What my imagination always feels is the judging eye, who’s periphery always catches our business like image, and winces. Through a concentrated gaze, the protectors of true womanhood spy, and size up the “to what extent” do we imbue femininity. Somewhere in their thoughts, they secretly wonder, “How could she ever be a mother, with a mouth like that?” Perhaps they secretly wonder if we are not hetero at all, because our ‘certitude’ or competitive spirit seems all too masculine for them. They then quickly characterize us as super feminists, bordering on misandry.

Whatever their judgements, in the end, we are left paying the bill. So for us to survive the role reversals, our assertive method of a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude, and making sure a paycheck is in the pocket, is not only fair game, but a necessary means to an end.

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