Rock It!


Born into third wave feminism still meant I would be defined by men’s concept of femininity. Growing up struggling with my identity of womanhood led me to rebel into playing music on the fringe. Rock and roll women redefined femininity in that male dominated field. I’m not talking about Lilith women – I mean women who possess the raw, energetic rhythms of crunching guitars, rants and churning melodic choruses. Hard core women redefined my concept of gender and power. Many abandoned femininity for androgyny to keep a foothold of “being in the business,” and not to ruffle the boy’s feathers. Surviving beyond the misogyny, female players remain true to the rhythm, not pining for stardom, yet keeping the beat in whatever respectable position they can. Women carry our feminist culture from generation to generation, helping to support women to reach their fullest potentials. Although we look to Patti Smith and Kim Gordon as iconic rock and roll mothers, all rock women, in their own measure, pave the way to carry forward the art punk/hardcore feminist anthem.