Sheltered In

Couple watching TV.

NARRATOR: Democrats makes a big deal…

WOMAN: Change the channel.

NARRATOR: With limited testing…

WOMAN: No. (Gesturing) Please.

MAN: What’s wrong?

WOMAN: Give me. Please.

Woman snatches remote.

MAN: Mean.

WOMAN: You are?

MAN: You need / to be…

WOMAN: Enough.

MAN: Where’s your?

Woman changes the channel.

NARRATOR: The President said a cure is imminent.

MAN: Leave it.

Woman changes the channel again.

MAN: Stop controlling everything. You’re not / the only…

WOMAN: Don’t.

MAN: Selfish

WOMAN: Argh.

Woman exits.

MAN: Yes.

He channel surfs.

NARRATOR: With hundreds — deaths reaching the 1000s – spread soars — delayed responses — President’s Administration blames Fake News.

Woman enters.

NARRATOR: New York had its worst day. The testing capability continues to lag disastrously behind other nations. As the most developed country in the world, the United States will probably be hit in unmeasurable capacity because politicians denied the seriousness of the virus for so long. Sheltering is the only way to stop the spread. Many cry for Martial Law to force citizens to stay home. Stay strong. Find faith where we can get it.

Couple embracing.


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